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Charlie & Her
Hot Roomie

The story of Charlotte Weatherall-Jones

& Christopher Sutcliffe

Some things Charlie shares with Chris…

Groceries, a bathroom, and her twin brother.

Something she’d like to share with Chris...  His bed.

Head-strong and curious, Charlie thinks she knows what she likes, but actually gaining the heart-fluttering experiences of a young woman in her prime is proving to be extremely difficult.

Between her two over-protective brothers and backup security measure Chris, Charlie’s barely managed a stolen kiss or two; and never with the guy she really wants – the one she’s loved since childhood.


Christopher Sutcliffe has his own way of doing things.

A realist, with an unshakeable moral compass, Chris prefers his best friends, and their brother, to his own corrupt kin. Eternally grateful to the Joneses for showing him the true meaning of a loving, supportive family, there’s no way he’ll risk losing something so precious, even if it means having to deny his heart’s deepest desire.


Living in close quarters, Charlie and Chris are subjected to the constant and intense attraction simmering between them, and they both know why they shouldn't act on it.

That kind of love comes with serious consequences. It could throw their lives off course, and cause rifts in a family too fragile to cope. Although their connection is what pulled that family together, now that they're older, it's threatening to tear it apart...


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