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Beyond Repair

The story of Jessa Warren & Benji Mayhew


Tomboy and Pretty Boy. Two mechanics in need of an overhaul.


“It’s been two years.”   It hasn’t.

“You’re so young.”   At twenty-two, I’ve lived longer than he did.

“You have your whole life ahead of you…”

The last thing I want is people ‘helping’ me get over the loss of my husband. Reheating donated casseroles, restoring classic cars, and keeping our depressed dog alive are the only things I have energy for.

Then he shows up. Everywhere. Again, and again…

A real-life Ken doll, Benji Mayhew is a walking contradiction. The dancing mechanic pulls off clean and polished in a macho world that’s coated in grime.

He’s fun, and friendly, and everything I’m not, but the more I get to know him, the more it seems we have in common – including our psychological issues, and there’s just something about the way he’s got me wanting to be part of the world again…



I’m attracted to Jessa Warren. I dig her steel-capped boots and messy hair, but mainly, I have this unbelievable urge to be near her - not so close that I’ll taint her with my filth, but close enough to help with whatever she needs.

Like me, she’s different from everyone else. And she doesn’t care. Not what people think; not what people say. She doesn’t even give a rat’s ass about any of the awful stuff I’ve done. I’m determined to convince her that things will get better, and helping her will help me too.

She’s the perfect distraction; one I won’t screw up by… well, screwing.

I’m safe with her. She’s so heartbroken, she’d never think to see me that way. I don’t think…?


Beyond Repair is a slow burn romance about a grieving widow battling depression, and a young man struggling to prove his masculinity in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse.


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