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Beyond Control

The story of Nina Pryzbylewski & Mitch Jones


A love-bitten cop, a twice-shy stripper,

and overwhelming affection in need of restraint.

K9 handler Mitch is a powerful man.

Built for strength and speed, he works, lives, and breathes control… and he’s set his sights on a woman too fierce to be tamed. Undeniably sweet, yet defensively hostile, Nina’s a woman who won’t be kept, but Mitch means to make her stay.

It won't be easy.

Nina’s bite is even sharper than her bark. 

She’s got defiance and evasion down to an artform. With a pack of her own to lead, she’s no lamb, and she refuses to submit to the persistent guy she fears is a smoking-hot wolf in a uniform.

Working tirelessly to smooth Nina’s hackles whilst slowly unleashing her bridled heart, Mitch might have bitten off more than he can chew as her careful handling distracts him from other responsibilities.

To remain loyal to both Nina and his family of underdogs, he can’t abandon either when they need him most.


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