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Beyond Heat

The story of Scarlett Warner & Bruno Jackson


Two strippers, some sizeable secrets and a lick of paint.

Scarlett Warner is a pain in Bruno Jackson's ass. She's sexy, and feisty, and she hates his guts because he's a complete jerk to her. If she knew how he really felt about her, she'd run for the hills, or worse - she'd come after him. If they stopped arguing for five minutes, he'd do something stupid like kiss the pants off her and leave her begging for more. As much as he'd like to, Bruno can't give her more - and if she found out why, this fallen soldier probably wouldn't stand a chance.

When Bruno accidentally drops his guard on stage, Scarlett's insatiable curiosity sparks to life, causing temperatures to soar, and tempers to flare. Will two scarred people risk getting burned by the heat that's building between them?


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