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Beyond Worth

The story of Ireeni Kamran & Jeremiah Stone


A dancing queen, a king of commerce,

and a love that could bring them both to ruin.

He wants her, and he always gets what he wants.

Jeremiah Stone heads an empire he built from the ground up, but with his beloved father no longer by his side, the world of dollar signs holds little joy. Escaping it whenever he can, he finds himself locked in a battle of wits with the most colorful individual he’s ever met.


Ireeni Kamran is out to condense a full life into one quarter the time. The years beyond her approaching twenty-fifth birthday have already been bought and paid for.

Suffering from an arranged marriage with an out-clause too costly to consider, she’s going to make the most of being young and free, before she’s forever bound to a man she despises.


Whilst avoiding the wealthy as they might the plague, Ireeni and Stone hit it off instantly, only to don their dueling gloves once Stone’s true identity is revealed.

Not giving up on the most intriguing woman he’s ever met, Stone sets out to earn her favor with every weapon in his arsenal, but Ireeni can’t, and won’t be bought.


Stone has no idea he’s dealing with a professional tease, but he soon learns, when Ireeni continually turns his little games against him, keeping the billionaire at arm’s length, while still leading him on towards a line she swears she won’t cross.

Jeremiah Stone has never been one for respecting limits, and there’s not been a deal he can’t seal… until now.


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