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Jenkins and the
Naughty Nurse

The story of Bradley Jenkins & Stacey Lane

A set of wheels, a partner in crime and

the healing power of love.


Having lost the ability to walk, veteran Bradley Jenkins had thrown out his hopes for the future, but when he reconnects with a wildly entertaining woman from his past, wallowing becomes as insignificant as his disability.

Now a seriously responsible and fiercely over-protective single mom, Stacey is no longer the free-spirited girl he once knew. Inspired to revive his virility and independence to prove himself a man of worth, Brad embarks on a heroic mission to remind Stacey how to enjoy life once again.

Jenkins and the Naughty Nurse is a full-length, stand-alone novel, and the third in a wounded warrior trio of stories involving Brad and his two good friends Bruno (Beyond Heat) and Damon (Beyond Touched).


NOTE:    Amazon thought this cover was too sexy to advertise, so you may also see it as this on their site:

... Personally, I prefer the hot embrace and find it more fitting to the story, but this guy's hot too so...   \_(*!*)_/

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